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Where your Donation Goes

All donations made to PATH will go to support the general needs of the residents unless otherwise specified. These include, but are not limited to:

- College Tuition

- Job Training

- Household Expenses

- School Supplies


If you wish for your donation to be used for a specific item or cause, please write us a comment in the donation box. 

We appreciate and thank you for your generosity in supporting Pag-Asa Transition Home. Without you, we cannot do what we do. It is through your gracious giving that we may invest in these young men, that they may break the chain of criminality and become Christ-honoring, productive members of society. 

LOcal Giving


Aaron D. Esquivel- 09213889400

Choi (LEnora D.)- 0907220201


Let’s Work Together

Address Given Upon Request

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